Kitchen Duct Cleaning Southampton

Comprehensive kitchen duct cleaning Southampton services for commercial kitchens are carried out all year round by skilled cleaning teams up and down the UK.

Due to this nationwide coverage, the cleaning of kitchen ducts, hoods, fans and vents will be conducted in a fast and effective manner so that your business is secure from the risks of fire and airborne bacteria associated with poorly maintained kitchen ducts and extract systems.

Kitchen duct cleaning Southampton with the specialist cleaners enables businesses from a diverse range of sectors such as education, hospitality and health to meet their legal obligations regarding fire hazard prevention and the requirements for valid fire insurance cover.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning Southampton
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Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Southampton

At CommClean we offer a professional commercial kitchen canopy cleaning Southampton service alongside extractor and kitchen duct cleaning by trained and insured cleaning teams. They are dedicated to cleaning kitchen ventilation systems promptly and to a high standard. They have the knowledge, cleaning tools and chemicals to handle any kitchen duct cleaning, regardless of the ventilation system's size, layout or current condition.

Commercial cooking equipment such as; fryers, hobs, cookers, steamers and hotplates generate airborne grease, carbon and steam which can build up on the ventilation ducts, canopies and extractor fans. When the regular cleaning of ventilation systems does not take place, these deposits can build up over an extended period of time. The result is reduced airflow, which is major fire risk and can risk employees falling ill from airborne bacteria.

In accordance with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Health and Safety At Work Act, there is a responsibility on business owners to identify and address potential hazards from ventilation systems. As commercial kitchens are frequently in constant use, it's recommended that a professional kitchen cleaning company handle this duty so that business interruptions is minimised.

Failure to conduct proper kitchen canopy cleaning in Southampton could lead to a breach of Environmental Health regulations and the invalidating of fire insurance cover. Many Insurance companies increasingly require that cleaning is conducted in accordancewith the advice outlined in the Guide to Good Practice TR/19 - Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems by Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) (formerly the Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association (HVCA)).

Kitchen duct cleaning in Southampton from the trained cleaners provides a number of benefits for your business including reduced risk of fire, airborne diseases and pest infestations. A fully cleaned ventilation system consumes less energy because the ventilation fans are not covered in grease, dirt and grime restricting air flow. Clean kitchen ventilation systems will last longer with reduced wear and tear on bearings and in turn considerable savings when compared to the cost of replacement ventilation systems. For a fast approach towards cleaning of kitchen ducts, canopies and extractor fans, CommClean is the perfect answer for your needs.

Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning Southampton

When you are looking for kitchen ventilation cleaning in Southampton for a commercial property, you will need a kitchen cleaning company that is consistent in providing a a professional cleaning service which provides a hygienic solution, safe from the risk of fire and compliant with existing health and safety legislation and the fire insurance policies of major providers.

The risk of fire in commercial kitchen hoods and ductwork should be a major concern for any property owner. According to the B&ES over 80% of kitchen extract exhausts in the country are never cleaned and therefore the risk of fire is significant. Fires resulting from poorly cleaned ducting are very difficult to stop because ductwork is inaccessible and the fire quickly spreads. The resulting damage is serious and forces many businesses to close.

At CommClean, the kitchen cleaners are professionals in the cleaning and decontamination of commercial kitchen ventilation systems ensuring your business meets fire and health and safety legislation. The procedure for kitchen ventilation cleaning in Southampton is a specialist task. The correct equipment and techniques are needed so that ducting is not damaged and cleaned effectively. Removable parts such as grease filters and external cowling will be taken out and dipped in a degreasing solution. The inside of the canopy and ductwork is cleaned of built up grease using industry approved chemicals and steam cleaning is frequently needed required to remove dirt and grease from inaccessible areas. The service carried out gives total reassurance that experts are keeping your commercial kitchen clean and hygienic every time.

Kitchen Hood And Duct Cleaning

Kitchen hood and duct cleaning Southampton services from the professional cleaners cover a range of businesses such as restaurants, pubs, schools and hotels to name but some examples. The service provided helps them to fulfil their legal and insurance obligations whilst minimising the risk of fire and airborne infections to customers and employees.

Kitchen Extractor Cleaning

A significant cause of fire in commercial kitchens according to fire brigades and the B&ES is grease igniting in kitchen extractor systems due to lack of maintenance. Kitchen extractor cleaning Southampton services from professionals will reduce the risk. This fire prevention measures costs considerably less than the remedial costs of fire damage.

Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Scheduled commercial kitchen duct cleaning in Southampton from a expert cleaner will reduce the risk of fire and infection from bacteria because all aspects of grease extract systems, such as the canopies, filters, ductwork, risers and fans are fully cleaned of grease, dirt and dust using specialist products and tools.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning Services

The experts providing kitchen duct cleaning services in Southampton are trained and insured to clean all types of ducting installed in commercial kitchens. From straight ducts of various lengths to rectangular, cross-section and curved ducting units, the cleaning service is carried out promptly and in a professional manner.

How long does it take to complete kitchen duct cleaning in Southampton?

The time taken for kitchen duct cleaning in Southampton will depend upon the amount of ducting in your commercial premises, its design and the amount of grease accumulation. The canopy and duct cleaning service provided by the experts is conducted promptly and to minimise business closure, cleans can be done outside of opening hours.

How frequently does my commercial kitchen need duct cleaning?

The Guide to Good Practice TR/19 - Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems, advises that the amount of cleaning work be determined by how frequently the kitchen is used. A light use kitchen (2-6 hours a day) will require cleaning every 12 months. Moderate use kitchens (6-12 hours a day) should be cleaned every 6 months whilst heavy use kitchens (12-16 hours) will require cleaning every 3 months.

Why is an expert required for kitchen duct cleaning Southampton?

Commercial kitchen duct cleaning in Southampton is a duty which should only be carried out by a professional as they have the specialist equipment and training in techniques so that damage to the ducts is avoided whilst cleaning it efficiently and to a high standard.

I would like to schedule one-off kitchen duct cleaning in Southampton?

Whilst the majority of businesses have a set schedule for kitchen duct cleaning Southampton because it is easy way for them to fulfil their legal and insurance obligations, the professional cleaners can accommodate one off cleaning of kitchen ducts as well. This service is useful when you have purchased a commercial kitchen or if the kitchen has been unused for a extended period of time.

Schedule Kitchen Duct Cleaning in Southampton

If you need a professional and affordable kitchen duct cleaning in Southampton service for your business property, CommClean can assist you. Just fill in the online form for a quote and additional information on the services offered.

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